Let our results speak for themselves

“I have learnt a lot with Paul he’s such an Inspriational trainer and has taught me a lot about my body, lifestyle and exercise. I cannot believe how much better I feel within myself in 12 weeks! Before my Body transformation begun I suffered with several on going stomach problems and water infections. They are something of the past now as I’m feeling lighter, energized, fitter and generally happy inside and out. These 12 weeks have been a great learning curve, I am looking forward to maintaining my new body and continuing my training & learning with  Paul.”


“After completing my 12 week body transformation with Paul Bennett, I feel in the best shape of my life. I started the program over weight, low on confidence and insecure. Thanks to Paul I now feel confident and much more sure of myself. The support he provides and the great focus he puts on technique were huge factors in achieving my results. Also, the education he has armed me with will help me maintain a healthy lifestyle in future. Training aside, Paul has been patient, flexible and adaptable to all my needs. Finally, I can’t recommend Platinum PT highly enough to get anyone feeling the way they’ve always wished.”


“I’ve just finished my 12 week body transformation and I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I am getting married in October and wanted to do something to enable me to look as good as I possibly could on the day. Paul knew exactly what I had to do to achieve my goals. He gave me lots of support and I actually started to feel confident in the gym. He is a very positive person which is exactly what you need around you when you are trying to change your body and attitude towards food and also try to live a healthy lifestyle. I would definitely recommend Paul as I am now going to be getting married with the body I want!”


“Paul assessed me, we set some goals. and Paul began to change my nutritional habits and completely changed the way I looked at food. His weights programmes were perfect for me, as they became more testing as I became stronger. I really enjoyed every gym session, as everything was mapped out for me by Paul and he gave me confidence. Paul has supported me every time I’ve had a question, sent him a text message, asked for his help – nothing has been too much trouble for him, and he’s always kept a smile on his face while doing it! I no longer suffer with asthma, sinusitis, gastro-reflux or a bad back – if I read those words written by someone else, I wouldn’t believe them – but it’s true.”


“With a bad back, restless legs syndrome, and feeling out of shape, turning 40 was a wake up call that it was time to make changes . Paul Bennett was highly recommended to me as a personal trainer…. Unbelievably 12 weeks on my bad back is sorted , i no longer suffer with restless legs and my body looks better and i feel amazing than when I was a fit 21 year old. The Nutritional knowledge Paul has is superb and through this he has opened my eyes to a new choice in lifestyle,i don’t miss my old lifestyle and bad diet and will continue to use the knowledge passed on from Paul. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending him to others.”


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