“Truly, the greatest gift you have to give
is that of your own self transformation


Gym Memberships

We offer an exclusive membership to our state of the art training facility. With each membership we offer an hour session one of our experienced coaches. In this focussed session you will be guided through a specialised programme to achieve your goals.

1-2-1 Personal Training

If you require a targeted approach, 1-2-1 sessions with one of the experts on our team are £40 per hour.

Body Transformations

This intense program guarantees results. A comprehensive package that encapsulates nutrition, training and gym membership – from £225 per month.

Platinum PT Gym Memberships

Unlike other gyms, we provide you with a full programme to make your workouts targeted and help you achieve the results you want. Forget soulless gym workouts, at Platinum PT we make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to make your sessions efficient and effective.


  • Unlimited access during opening hours
  • An initial personal training session with one of our expert coaches
  • A customised programme design based on your goals
  • Nutritional information and recipes
  • Updated program every 6 – 8 weeks
  • Ongoing support to reach your goals
  • Free seminars


  • Unlimited access during opening hours
  • An initial personal training session with one of our expert coaches
  • A customised programme design based on your goals
  • Nutritional information and recipes
  • Updated program every 6 – 8 weeks
  • Ongoing support to reach your goals
  • Free seminars

  • Proof of your status as student will be required on application.
  • Corporate Memberships: 3+ employees from a local business to qualify.
  • To apply, please call or email info@platinumptstudio.co.uk

Not sure yet? No problem!

Try us out with a FREE gym taster session and receive a gym induction from one of our incredible trainers.
If you’re not sure, this is a great way to see if Platinum PT is the right fit for you!

12 Week Body Transformations - Plans & Pricing

Find the right package to suit your fitness goals - depending on where you are and where you want to get to!

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"When I first embarked on the 12 week programme with Paul I was
absolutely terrified! I was very insecure and I did not feel
comfortable about exercising in front of other people. However, Paul
makes you feel very comfortable whilst training and helps to ease any
worries or fears that you have. From my very first consultation with
Paul, I could tell how passionate and knowledgeable he is about
nutrition and exercise. He isn't just doing this as a job, it's his
life! I am a Mum to two young children, so it was challenging to
commit to the programme at times, but I managed to stay motivated and
dedicated and I am really happy with my results. I have lost over 22
inches all over, 9kg in weight and dropped my body fat percentage. I
feel like a totally different person now. I no longer have mood
swings, I have loads more energy and I feel really confident. I am
still continuing my training with Paul and am hoping to lose many more
inches yet! The gym is such an inspiring and friendly place to be, I
can't imagine life without it now! Thanks Paul!"

Stacey Murphy

"I started training with John in May 2013 and do so today. Initially I
wanted to get in shape for Vegas the following month. I had always
tried to look after myself with going to the gym and swimming but
training with John really opened my eyes. Before John I can honestly
say I would never picture myself squatting with a bar on my back or
deadlifts let alone reaching some of the weights that I have, I guess
I never really thought it was for girls!  For 6 weeks I worked on
building my strength with John and eating the right food and I saw big
changes in my shape and this was doing minimal cardio but trust me you
get just as sweaty and results by doing weights and strength. Diet is
key; John changed the way I look at food. Don’t get me wrong I still
love a cheat day but thanks to John I now live a much healthy way of

Eloise Courtney

" I joined the gym in the autumn of 2013 and wasted little time in
contacting Paul. I was searching for some fresh direction with my
training and having seen the impressive results Paul had achieved with
his own journey and with his clients I knew that this was the right
trainer and format for me. Paul tailor-made a 12 week programme for
me. He listened to my needs and goals and prepared a programme
specifically aimed at achieving these.
I spent the following 12 weeks working beyond my comfort zone with
Paul. His thorough preparation made my programmes clear to follow and
his professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication made our sessions both
enjoyable and rewarding.
Paul re-educated me with my nutrition and lifestyle choices whilst
fully understanding both my working and family commitments. My fitness
and wellbeing have improved as a result of Paul and the Platinum Body
Transformation, and I’m physically looking and feeling better than I
ever thought possible in just 12 weeks. I can’t recommend Paul enough
and I’m looking forward to continuing our training schedules

Jon Andrews


Do I need to be a member of the studio to have personal training?

No you do not need to be a member of Platinum PT Studio to work with one of our Personal Trainers.

As a member of Platinum PT Studio, do I have to have personal training?

As a member of Platinum PT Studio you don't have to have a personal trainer, however as part of your membership you are welcome to enjoy the services of a personal trainer to update your programme every 6-8 weeks.

It says on your body transformation packages, 'satisfaction guaranteed', what guarantees can you make?

At Platinum PT Studio we pride ourselves on being some of the best coaches in the area, and aim to deliver a 'platinum' service and offer the best chance for you to reach your set goals. If you don't feel satisfied with the level of service you received, please speak to one of our staff to aim to rectify this for you, ultimately we want you to have  fantastic experience and be happy, and we will do what we can to make this happen.

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