My motto is “What you give is what you’ll get” so I will always give 100% to get you to your goals.


My motto is “What you give is what you’ll get” so I will always give 100% to get you to your goals.

In every session I aim to work with you, listening to what you want and need to make fun and effective sessions.

I love to work with a variety of people from complete beginners to hardcore experienced gym goers.

I trained as a gymnast and a dancer from a young age working and competing in the industry, so I understand the challenges that you might face in your journey to your goal and the strength and determination it takes to overcome barriers no matter how big or small.

I have been using these experiences to work in the industry, helping a variety of people with their different fitness and body goals. My background has allowed me to gain the skills to make you work hard, achieve your goals and keep you smiling.



  • Lifetime – Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 ETM
  • Xtend Barre Instructor
  • Hatton Boxing Academy Advanced Instructor
  • Metafit Instructor
  • Zumba B1 and B2 Instructor


“Lauren took me from frumpy mummy to yummy mummy in 6 months. Having done Laurens Zumba classes for years, I knew who I wanted to go to when I decided I wanted a Personal Trainer.

Lauren is an amazing motivator. Every session is challenging but fun. Lauren listened to my goals and ensures our sessions encorporate exercises that get me there. before I started seeing Lauren I struggled to do 1 push up, now I can do 20!!

If you want to change your body shape I recommend Lauren as a trainer, every session is different, challenging and fun!”

For 6 weeks I worked on building my strength with John and eating the right food and I saw big changes in my shape and this was doing minimal cardio but trust me you get just as sweaty and results by doing weights and strength. Diet is key; John changed the way I look at food. Don’t get me wrong I still love a cheat day but thanks to John I now live a much healthier way of life.”


How do you stay in shape?

I have a very busy diary with my studio classes which keeps me constantly active. However when I train myself I adopt a balance of weight training with dance or zumba as my cardio and ensure I work on my flexibilty to keep my body at its optimum.

What is your specialist area?

  • Xtend Barre
  • Flexibility
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Metabolic Training

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