The following is a summary of the most important points of the terms and conditions of the membership agreement, which you are considering entering into.
You can change your mind about being a member even after you have made your application. You can end your membership only by giving us one month’s payment notice. We require notice in writing or email and we will then confirm the date of your last payment. Stopping paying your fees is not the same as notice. If you stop paying, but do not give us notice, you will continue to have to pay the fees.
Giving us notice means writing to us or sending us an email telling us you wish to end your membership.  We will confirm when your membership will end and until your membership has ended you must continue to pay your fees

All prices seen here are subject to change. Members will be given one months notice of any changes regarding nay elements of their membership and the right to terminate agreement immediately if changes are not satisfactory.

Our right to cancel your membership
We can cancel your membership if:
•    You or your guests use rude or abusive language.
•    You or your guests uses or threatens to use violent or aggressive behavior.
•    You repeatedly break the terms and conditions.
•    You allow another person to use your membership card.
•    We believe your continued membership is not in the interest of other members.
If we do cancel your membership, we will refund any unused months of your fees, less any reasonable costs we have had to pay in connection with the incident.

Body Transformations
Body transformation packages are non-refundable.

1-2-1 Personal Training
The Personal Trainers at Platinum PT Studio are self employed. You enter into a contract with your personal trainer as an individual and therefore are bound by their personal terms and conditions, and not those held by Platinum PT Studio.

Before participating in exercise at Platinum PT Studio, you must disclose any injuries or medical conditions that may affected your training program. It is your duty to obtain medical clearance to partake in exercise, relating to any medical ailments disclosed.
Understanding that the instructor is not able to provide you with medical advice with regard to any condition and that the information you give is used as a guide to the limitations of your ability to exercise. You therefore cannot hold either the health and fitness professional or Platinum PT Studio responsible for any injuries that may occur when you exercise.


You – the member
We and us – Platinum Wellness Group Ltd